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Jena is a world-renowned Subconscious Specialist and Healer based in London, Los Angeles and New York. She has worked with thousands of people from celebrities, creatives, Fortune 500 CEO's, Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs and Billionaires. Using her bespoke approach based in spiritual and scientific methods collected over the past decade, she helps people who have tried everything, transform their stress, emotional traumas and physical disease in record time. From helping people reverse infertility, to releasing decades of emotional trauma in just a few hours, she is a modern day healer of this generation. After battling many incurable chronic illnesses for over a decade, she managed to heal herself using the power of her mind and now helps others go beyond their limits using the subconscious. She is passionate about helping people realign their energy so they can manifest better health, success and fulfillment. 


Jena believes we all have the ability to transform into our highest selves, free of emotional or physical pain. Jena's intention is always to help her clients transform their limiting beliefs, stress, past traumas, and ancestral patterns that have contributed to their biggest limitation in life. The purpose of this work is to catalyze you into your own personal power and fulfillment. Jena is qualified in PSYCH-K, Emotion Code, Body Code, Shamanism, Reiki, Energy Healing techniques and Flower Essences which she uses to rapidly accelerate the change process. 

"The more expansive we get with the ways in which our patterning changes and our thoughts - you realize the sky is the limit, no the universe is the limit, no the multiverse is the limit!"

- Jena Sophia


Jena Sophia's Story

After struggling for over a decade with Endometriosis, PCOS, Anxiety, and Depression, Jena has spent the last 13 years traveling around the world, cultivating the tools to transform herself back to optimal health. Her doctors said that she would have to remove her uterus in hopes of surviving her illnesses without medication. Jena took her life into her own hands and discovered that there are many paths to healing and creating our desired reality without medicine.
After transforming all of her conditions and reaching optimal health after she was told that it wasn't possible, Jena has since made it her mission to help others transform their lives with the knowledge she gained in her own transformation so that they can experience the life they deserve. 
She has previously studied at Columbia University and SOAS University of London and also taught energy healing classes, facilitated Reiki Attunements, and stress management classes for hundreds of students at SOAS. She has studied along some of the top scientist and healers in the world, and uses this knowledge in her holistic approach to becoming your optimal self. 
Jena has been featured in Marie Claire UK, Well + Good, Mashable and has been a guest on over a dozen wellness podcasts.
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Jena works with people for 4-8 weeks at a time. No single session available. 
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Jena is booked through March 2021, next openings will be in the Spring!
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