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Beyond the Belief 

Jena Sophia


Welcome to Beyond the Belief, a personal development consultancy that supports leaders, change-makers, entrepreneurs and innovators.


Jena Sophia is an internationally renowned Subconscious Specialist and Energy Healer. She has worked with thousands of people from Celebrities, Creatives, Fortune 500 CEOs, Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs and Billionaires.


After overcoming chronic illness using the power of her mind, she now uses these tools to guide others to go beyond their limits and activate their untapped energetic and physical potential to create better health, relationships, success and fulfillment.

Each one of Jena's clients receives a bespoke approach to create massive shifts in record time. Whether that's in health, relationships or business.

Jena's approach is rooted in the understanding that when you align yourself on an energetic level, miracles can happen. Energy is the foundation for any physical manifestation.Jena believes we all have the ability to transform into our highest selves, free of emotional or physical pain. 


Over a 20 year+ period, she has learned over two dozen modalities such as PSYCH-K, Emotion Code, Body Code, Shamanism, a Reiki Master, Energy Healing techniques and Flower Essences which she combines in her intuitive method to rapidly accelerate the change process. 

Jena has previously studied at Columbia University in New York, and SOAS, University of London. She has held workshops for corporates and universities to support in stress management and vision planning.

She has been featured on numerous podcasts, international media outlets and her work referenced in books. To learn more how Jena's work can support you, see more below!


Ways to Work with Jena Sophia

If you would like to have Jena as a guest on your podcast or platform, or have any questions please reach to

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