Light-body Activation

*please do this activation for 8 days straight - (any time of day)*

Upper Chakras Light Body Activation
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Upgrade Meditations

How this Activation works:

Light Language is a series of tones, sound harmonics, symbols and speech that is made up of Universal Light. This language is something that our soul speaks and isn’t necessarily meant to be understood by our conscious mind. When we are open to receiving the transmission in the way that serves our highest good, we surrender and allow the frequencies to flow into our subconscious mind and adjust energetic patterning that is out of synch into sacred geometry (it’s original structure). In this way, Light Language when applied to our senses can be used to further manifest our desires on a vibrational level. There are many dialects of light language and everyone has their unique access to it. Layla's intention is to work with all of your intentions on a higher self-level and in doing so downloaded a potent transmission to allow the all that is inherently yours to be reawakened within you. 

How to use the Activation Meditation:

It is best listened to with headphones in either laying down on your back or sitting up with your legs crossed in a seated position. Keep your eyes closed for the duration. Try to release any preconceived ideas about how you are meant to experience the transmission and just be with whatever you are experiencing. All the benefits of the song are received when you intend to have an open mind with the process. You will all experience this differently especially every other time you listen to it. This is because each time you listen to it, it penetrates deep into your cellular memory—working on a multidimensional level. 



Listen to once for 4 days straight *preferably before meditation or at bedtime* 

After the Activation:

Drink water after to release any vibrational debris from the session. There's no right way to feel with these activations, just allow what is to be. 

Disclaimer: It is not advised to listen to this while driving or operating machinery. Light language operates at a cellular level and adjusts your cellular structure every time you listen to it. Sleepiness is a possible experience as a result of being upgraded. Please use at your own discretion. :) 

Crown Chakra
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