Ancient Wisdom Today

Ep 147: Honoring the Wisdom in All 

(Jena Sophia)

Reframe with Jena Zoe

Ep 12: Jenna in conversation with Jena Sophia, Emotional Manifesting Generator 5/2

Manifest This

Ep 75: Jena Sophia on transforming your subconscious through PSYCH-K


Today's Thought Leader

EP 133: Shifting your Subconscious Patterns to  Become a Better Leader with Jena Sophia



Ep 08: Jena Sophia on PCOS, Endometriosis, Anxiety, Medication, and Fully Healing

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Divinely Human

EP 08: The Freedom of Being you

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The Confused Millenial

Ep 43: What is PSYCH-K & How It Can Help You with Jena Sophia

Blissed Out

Ep 21: PSYCH-K with Jena Sophia

blissed out.png

Medium Well

EP 29: What is Psych-K and how can it help me unblock limiting beliefs? with Jena Sophia

Off The Record

Ep. 64: Shifting Your Subconscious and Acknowledging Patterns with Jena Sophia

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Nomad Land

Ep 19: Jena Sophia - PSYCH-K Facilitator


Seek the Joy

Ep 66: Transforming Our Subconscious to Connect with Our True Essence through PSYCH-K

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Create Your Reality

Are We Manifesting From The Subconscious? 

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Waking up with Melissa Ruiz

Ep. 9: How to Use Yor Subconscious Mind to Heal & Connect With Your Highest Self

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